Life on the farm

With the sale of ELY the shop fast approaching I am sat here thinking of my next steps.

I would love to keep reaching out to you about my next chapter. on the farm maybe?πŸ₯°

As may of you know I have recently moved to Ross-on-wye with my partner to a small (in my opinion not so small) 24 archer farm.

My knowledge of farming stretches very thin, but what I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm (and a few good books)

I would love to share that enthusiasm with you. Planting, growing and rearing. I will also be sharing recipes and even workshops, sound baths and classes that I do both in Kidderminster and Ross.

I know the direction is a little away from the 3 happy years at the shop but I hope you will continue with me. And maybe even share some knowledge with me (I’ve moved from a flat with no garden, eep)

Keeping the ELY community going and staying in contact with all you lovely people I’ve met along the wayπŸ₯°

1st job – eco gardening. Let’s bring In the bees 🐝

Yesterday’s sun brought with it a new adventure on the farm.

I rocked the waders and went for a paddle in the pond to build a bridge.

We have a lovely pond with a lovely little island and we have been watching the wildness grow since we moved in. Plus a duck house that has half fallen down. We decided to build a bridge to get the strimmer over and fix the duck House ready for the new pet ducks.

When we landed on the island we noticed the bridge was just inches away from a nesting wild duck with 8 eggs. I think the strimming and fixing up of the island will have to wait so as not to disturb mother duck.

But it was lovely to be up to my waste in the pond on such a hot day. And the little bridge looks so cute. I can’t wait for my nephews to come down as I know the lil πŸ’πŸ’ will love it.

I also started to tackle the green algae that has spread so rapidly over the pond.
It looks more bubbling swamp than wildlife pond πŸ˜‚

A very different week to what I’m used too.

A garden fully established with beets and pak choi and courgettes. Made into a delicious fried rice with scrambled tofu.

And lots of walks with lil hound.

I’m exploring the beautiful country side around me and a lovely trip to Pembrokeshire to walk the costal path and find the lily ponds.

I have made and put up bathroom shelves and today I’m laying a garden path. Oh how life has changed.

Missing all the wonderful customers at ELY. Our lovely chats. The laughs, the learning. Never a dull day.

Thank you for all your support while I was open. And now in the good hands ofΒ @santih.holisticsΒ and how beautiful the insta pictures are looking. Updates of how the shop is progressing and evolving and all the hard work Kim is putting in.

Ebbing and flowing, changing and evolving. Making salads to growing salads. Life is ever moving. Ever changing. Ups and downs, loops and curves. Bending and blowing. Never stillπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
And now we enter July. My favourite month of the year. So light. So sunny and warm. Everything in full bloom with colours of the rainbow and so much green.
The trees and plants looking so healthy and full. Skin browning in the summer sun. You can’t help but feel so full. So charged. So alive this time of year.

Happy July wonderful peeps.


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