Monthly Restorative yoga and Crystal singing bowls

(Every second Thursday of the month)

20-30 minutes relaxing meditation and deep stretching to settle into the practice followed by a Crystal sound healing bath to balance the body, mind and soul.

£8 or included in a class pass

What Is A Crystal Sound Bath?

No need to bring a swimsuit along, because there isn’t any water (or actual bathing) involved at all.

Instead, a crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sounds and vibrations of The crystal Singing bowls, to lull you into a peaceful, relaxed and mindful state of being.

Bring blankets, pillows, mats and comfortable cloths as the more comfortable you are the better you can relax. You really can bring as much as you like.

Then Lie down. Listen. And Let go.
Sound healing (also known as sound therapy or sound meditation) is comparable to meditation and mindfulness, but with no effort required on behalf of the participant. The sound does the work. Sound-baths are for everyone interested in finding a way to relax, sleep better, destress and declutter the mind.

Clients participate by “lying down, listening and letting go” while a practitioner plays instruments including crystal bowls And rain sticks. The client is surrounded by the sounds and vibrations which result in a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

Some things to consider before your sound bath:

-Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Sound waves travel better through water. When you are well hydrated, you will have a better experience.
-Eat light and healthy food. A sound bath becomes more impactful when you have an empty stomach.
-Set your intentions and be positive. Sound baths can been deeply relaxing but they can also go deeply into emotions. Be willing to relax and let go as you move through the sound bath and whatever comes up for you. More details available here

-Wear warm, comfortable and flexible clothing.
-Try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your sound bating ceremony. Settle yourself in the space with a calm mind.
-you might fall asleep. That’s ok. You can feel very relaxed. The sound bath still works on a cellular level even if you sleep the whole way through.

All levels and abilities welcome. Book via the Yoga page




Chakra healing and crystals workshop

Saturday 7th September 10-2 PM

Come and learn all about the Chakras, what they are and what they do. In this workshop I will teach you how to scan the chakras for imbalances and how to restore them using crystals. The workshop costs £25 per person and places are limited to 10.
Included in the cost you will receive –
A pendulum used to detect imbalances.
A set of chakra crystals to get you started.
A box of incense used to cleanse the aura and incense holder.
Full manual of the workshop.
A certificate of completion.
A light lunch will also provided by Kidderminster.Eat.Love.Yoga.
To secure a place on this workshop please contact Kidderminster.Eat.Love.Yoga directly.

Payment for the course in advance to secure your place


Frankinsense mindfulness workshop

Saturday 7th September 4-6 PM

Enjoy an hour long facial with Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense infused products, enhaling the theraputic aroma to help you de-stress. Followed by an hour long deep mindfullness meditation, AND receive a FREE Goody Bag all for only £15.00.
We keep our workshops small to ensure we can give you our full attention.
Booking is essential as spaces are limited.
Payment is required in full.
Book your space here :- quoting “Mindfullness” in the notes.


Mindfulness taster session

Saturday 14th September 4-5 PM

I am very excited to be holding a mindfulness taster session here at Eat.Love.Yoga.

If you are interested in starting meditation, or extending your existing practice this is the place to find out more.

Holly is a qualified mindfulness coach and will be here to tell you more about mindfulness, what it is good for and how it can be a well need addition to your day.

She will be holding a full mindfulness course here next year and these taster dates will be a way to find out more about the full course.

This is a free workshop

Everyone is welcome. All levels and abilities. We will have sitting on chairs and on cushions depending on what works best for you.

This workshop is absolutely free, but we would like to know numbers for the space we have.

Thank you xx

Mindful Meditation Circle

The last Friday of every month 7.15-8.15

A place where you have the opportunity to explore meditation in a safe, calm and friendly space.
You will be guided through breathing practises and meditations and given the chance to ask questions, chat, and explore this hugely beneficial ancient practise.
There’s nothing to be fearful about, or self-conscious, as everyone is welcoming, so friendly and like-minded 😉

A place in the Circle is £7.50 and places are limited.


Mindfulness based living course

This 8 week course starts 8th January 2020

Held at Eat.Love.Yoga 7.30-9.30 PM every Wednesday for 8 weeks

Information below

Booking essential



Vegan pop up kitchen

7-10 PM £25 per head

I am delighted to announce our first vegan pop up kitchen.
Saturday 28th September 7PM

A 4 course set vegan menu cooked by guest host Sandra (shes the lady who supplies our delightful pastries and that cauliflower salad that are so so good)

She has designed a set 4 course, all plant based, sit down meal, and we would like to invite you to come along and dine with us on Saturday 28th September. This event starts at 7pm.

There is space for 17 lucky dinners with tables for 2, 3 4 people (and possibly as bigger table if needed).

The menu
1st course -pea and fresh mint falafle with yogurt
2nd course-Hot tomato stuffed portabella mushroom with salad
3rd course- Sausage and lentil casserole With crusty bread
4th course- Raspberry and chocolate rum mousse

This is open to all ages but Booking for this is essential. £25 per person.

A variety of soft drinks will be available to buy from Eat.Love.Yoga along with teas and coffees, You are welcome to bring along your own alcoholic drinks with glasses if you wish.

Any dietary needs, please let us know at the time of booking. Buuttt you don’t have to let us know you’re vegan…

Please pay before the event to secure your booking.