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Here at Eat.Love.Yoga we think the water quality we drink is very important. So we decided to give a little helping hand and provide water filtration systems for you. You can buy from us or direct from Osmio water. Need any help?? Give them a call, Their great…

Maybe you have noticed the water filtration system we have at the cafe and I’ve treated you to the taste test demonstration, or maybe its something you have been interested in for a while. So here is a little details on the whys and hows to get filtered water into your home.

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Water is the very essence of life and is a vital ingredient in your health. Osmio’s products enable you to remove impurities from your water, whilst saving you the expense and environmental impact of the dreaded ‘plastic’ bottled water and helping with your green/cost-saving initiatives. 

Osmio Water thrive on their love for customer satisfaction and deep knowledge and passion for what they do. Since 2009, they have gradually become one of the UK’s leading water quality specialists, driven by a strong passion for promoting health and wellbeing through water. Find out more on their website www.osmiowater.co.uk

But what is wrong with bottled water? 

Sales and Consumption of Bottled Water

Sales of bottled water in its numerous forms have increased dramatically. Britain’s £2bn thirst for bottled water has been described as “one of the greatest cons of the 20th century” and as “marketing’s answer to the emperor’s new clothes” not to mention being described as “environmental insanity”. Over 2 billion litres of bottled water are sold in Britain every year and sales are growing at nearly 9 percent a year. Think of all that plastic!

At an average of 95p per litre, bottled water costs nearly as much as petrol, while the average cost of mains tap water in Britain is £1 per 1,0000 litres.

Environmental and Social Impact of Bottled Water

Bottled water has also come under criticism in recent years for the environmental impacts of groundwater extraction, the energy and environmental costs of the plastic packaging and transportation costs, and concerns about water quality and the validity of some marketing claims.

One criticism of bottled water concerns the packaging. Bottled water commonly is packaged in Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which requires a significant amount of energy to produce. There are also significant issues with the many billions of tons of plastic and glass bottle waste, filling up our landfill sites at a record rates and not being fully recycled.

The shipping and bottling of water has been creating thousands of tons of global warming pollution and other air pollution. Arrrrrrr!

But what about waste from the water filters?

The filters from the system at the shop are mostly compostable.

Any filter that has granular media (such as carbon, KDF, active ceramic) can be emptied out or broken up and used for soil drainage and compost. Plastic components of those filters can be put into plastic recycling. But it does depend on the filter. All plastic encapsulated filters, including those for the Osmio Zero and D7 can be put into plastics recycling. Best to ask when buying your system. 

Q: How do I know what type of system I need?

A: Choosing a filtration system to suit your needs might be overwhelming. If you need some extra advice go to www.osmiowater.co.uk


Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter System


The Osmio Clarity uses the best performing gravity water filter elements on the market. The Coldstream Sentry filters made in the UK. The Housing is made using borosilicate glass and with mango wood stand and lid, making it a beautiful and functional shrine to your blessed water for your home. Recommend for households up to 4 people. Filters are recommended to change every 6 months, but it depends on water quality. Please note, the filters do not reduce calcium and magnesium which causes scale in kettles. Please see the test reports below to find out what it reduces.


High-performance filters – not designed for limescale reduction (up to 30% approximately is achieved) but has industry-leading performance for chemicals, heavy metals, plastic, hormones, fluoride and pharmaceuticals and a lot more

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Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System

Smart and highly efficient reverse osmosis water filter and kettle that will produce high quality water with no installation and super easy user maintenance. Osmio’s latest compact, portable and countertop reverse osmosis water filter, the world’s first revolutionary, installation-free household Reverse Osmosis (RO) counter top water purifier which also serves to provide, ambient, hot and boiling hot water at your fingertips with great ease of use and easy maintenance. A filter kettle like no other portable purification system. The most efficient RO system on the planet!  If you live in a hard water area then you may need to change the carbon block and membrane more frequently than every 6 months. 


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Osmio EZFITPRO-300 Undersink Water Filter Kit 15mm Push Fit

This is the top of the range installed inline system for an existing cold tap. It uses a 0.2 micron ceramic filter and a limescale and heavy metal filter to achieve a thorough reduction of bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals and more. It reduces pressure and flow rate of your water to tap, so it is not recommended if you have very poor flow/low pressure. Slower flow means better water so it is good to live with that!



There are two filters in the system, which both serve a different purpose with the ultimate result being purified, clean, healthy and great tasting water for all your drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning needs.


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