..The Plastic Free Shop..

Due to Corona virus our normal opening hour do not apply. 

Love the world? Love the environment? Love your community…


Eat. Love. Yoga Kidderminster’s first plastic free shop. Providing you with the choice to buy household essentials without the plastic packaging.

Did you know…..Plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. The plastic bags and packaging we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more. Some argue that plastic never really decomposes!


How it works?

Bring along your empty containers, jars, tupperware, pots, bottles, jars, sacks or use our paper bags. Choose your item. Fill your container out of the dispensers. Weigh products and pay. So simple! 

Food stuff….

Product Contains nuts Contains gluten Price per 100g
Almonds Y N £1.35
Apricots, Organic N N 94p
Baking powder N   70p
Brazil nits Y N £1.50 
Brown rice, Basmati, Organic N N 42p
Cashews Y N £1.21
Chia seeds N N 85p
Chick peas, Organic N N 40p
Chocolate buttons, Belgian, Plain, Cooking N N £1.89
Cranberries N N £1.65
Coconut sugar, Organic N N 93p
Couscous N Y 25p
Dates N N 48p
Flax/Linseed N N 35p
Hemp seed, Organic N N 80p
Lentils, red N N 28p
Maca powder, Organic N N £1.59
Mixed nuts Y N £1.12
Muesli, de luxe, Organic Y Y 47p
Mung beans, Organic N N 50p
Oats, porridge, Jumbo and regular Organic N Y 23p
Omega mix, Organic N N 72p
Pasta, White, Organic N Y 30p
Pasta, Wholewheat, Organic N Y 30p
Pine nuts N Y £5.30
Quinoa, Organic N N 65p
Sultanas, Organic N N 49p
Pumpkin seeds, Organic N N 94p
Nutritional yeast N N £3
Walnuts, Organic Y N £1.95
Extra virgin olive oil N N


Cotswold gold cold press rapeseed oil N N

£2 .50ml

£4 1lt

Loose leaf Tea, Organic N N Varies
Coffee (beans or ground) N N £2.40

Herbs and spices sold per 10g

Cinnamon ground, Cassia, Organic     25p
Cumin ground     25p
Mixed herbs, Organic     25p
Natural sea salt, coarse     25p 100g
Oregano     25p
Paprika     20p
Parsley, Organic     48p
Peppercorns black,      27p
Turmeric powder, Organic     40p
Paprika smoked     25p
Garlic powder     27p
Ground coriander     20p
Mild curry powder     25p

Other stuff….

Product     Price
Bamboo Toothbrush, Medium     £2.99
Bamboo Toothbrush, children’s     £2.50
Toothpaste, Ben & Anna     £8.20
Bamboo cotton buds     £2.49
Soap, Bar     £2.20
Shampoo, bar     £3.60
Conditioner, bar     £6
Shaving bar     £3.50
Ecoffee Cup, Bamboo, 12oz     £7.99
Ecoffee cup, Bamboo, 14oz     £8.50
Long handled scrubbing brush     £6.30
Replacement head     £2.50
Pan brush     £5.25
Reusable sanitary pads Pack of 4     £20
Bamboo Soap dish     £4.50
Liquid refils     Per 100mls
Cream cleaner, Refil     30p
Hand wash, Rose, Refil     55p
Hand wash, Fig, Refil     55p
Washing up Liquid, Spiced Ginger, Refil     29p
ECO Laundry powder non-bio, Refil     £4.50 per kg
Laundry liquid non-bio, Refil     32p
Fabric Conditioner, Refil     24p
All purpose surface cleaner, Rosemary and Lavender, Refil     30p
Toilet cleaner, Lotus and Sea salt, Refil     32p
White Vinegar (for cleaning), Refil     19p
Bicarbonate of Soda, Refil     18p
Rinse aid (hard water), Refil     29p
Shampoo     78p
Conditioner     52p
Body wash     78p

**Prices may vary from listed**

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