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Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga

I totally get you can’t always make it out to the shop. Maybe your cutting back or heading away on some sun filled jollies. As I have a massive passion for veg I would love to know you’re still eating lots of big fresh salads. So I have decided to give away some salad recipes 🌿

This big fresh batch of potato salad is also in the shop today. An I’m going to share my absolute fav recipe with you today. Perfect for bbqs, picnics or this sun filled salads.
Boil potato’s
Leave to cool completely
Mix 1tbs mayo, splash of oil, 1tsp french mustard, salt to taste, garlic powder and mixed herbs, a splash of lemon juice. Mix. It is pretty thick so I water it down with oat milk or soya. Just a splash.
Finely chop capers and gherkins into small chunks. Mix into the mayo mixture. Then mix together. Garnish with rocket. And enjoy 🌿💚🌿

Also in the shop today a crunch slaw, Italian pasta, cauliflower pickle, and crispy green salad and crispy GF samosas. Deeeeeeelish.

Have a lovely weekend folks💚
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga

Today’s new product is the beautiful Alter-native tin £3.25. The perfect way to travel with your bars.
Using bars is a fantastic way of reducing plastic waste. We stock soap, shampoo, conditioner and shaving bars. Just think, that’s 4 plastic containers not going to land fill. a down side to bars is they don’t travel well. You wouldn’t want to leave it to dry out in those campsite showers. So these tins are a fantastic way of traveling with your bars and still staying plastic free. A customer this week was saying this is the best shavers bar he has ever used. From my experience these conditioner bars are the best I have ever used (and I’ve used a few) the soaps come in a range of beautiful fragrances this ayurvadic one is my absolute fav. The shampoo bar is yet to be tested by me but I think from my experience with the others. It will be wonderful. If you have used any of these bars I would love to hear your experience with them. Have a lovely sun packed weekend ☀️💚☀️
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga

To continue with August’s new products. We are new selling açai lightly sparkling with guarana and Yerba mate. This cool refreshing drink has no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients. Kept in the fridge to be refeshingly crisp and cool 🧊 £1.60 a can. To add to our range of cloudy apple and rhubarb, elderflower press and raspberry lemonade. 😎 hello summer. Hello refreshing. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
To continue with our month of new products we have extended our @butter__belle nut butter range to now include tiger nut and cashew nut butter (how good does that sound!!)
So our full range of flavours as follows
🌿peanut butter with chia and flax
🌿tigernut and cashew
🌿pumpkin seed spread
🌿chia spiced almond butter
🌿raspberry cashew nut butter
🌿cacao orange cashew nut butter
🌿hazelnut and cacao spread

£6 each except tahini and peanut butter which is £4.
Jar return scheme where you get 25p off every jar returned.
Also offering peanut butter and tahini refills at £3 250g cheaper and zero waste👍

All available next shop from today.
See you soon.
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
We are expanding our plastic free range. Throughout August I will be adding new products to the shop. Helping to cater for more of your plastic free needs. Don’t forget that suggestions are always welcome.

Today’s new products are
Demerara sugar 39p 100g
And organic millet 45p 100g.

✨plus walnuts and pumpkin seeds back in stock✨

Wishing you all a fabulous week🌍🍀☘️🌿🍄🐞🐝🐛🌍
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga is at Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga.
Today’s tasty treats
-bbq jackfruit and vegan cheese sourdough organic flatbread 🥰£2 each
-zataar roasted new potato and butter bean salad
-GF falafel, spinach and sweet onion chutney pastries £2 each
-crisp homemade slaw
Salads large £5 and small £3.50
#open 11-1 for takeaway and sit down meals. All 💯 plant based, suitable for vegans and packed full of body lovin goodness. If you don’t eat it, I will😂😂😂 @ Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga


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