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Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga was live.
Yoga beginners flow.
Learn yoga from the beginning or touch up on you alignment or just enjoy a slower more relaxed pace.
All you need is your mat.
No experience or flexibility.
I hope you enjoy
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Yoga beginners today.

Live at 12 or watch it back at your own time.

See you on your mat.

No experience or flexibility needed😉
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
We are still collecting recycling!!!

Lisa(not me. another lisa, our amazing collector of the Recyling) has arranged to collect from us on Sunday at 12.

You can drop off any of the products from the list below. But please, please, please could you drop it off already sorted. That means bundling all similar items together. Lisa isn’t just a bad ass, world saving recycler. She is also still working full time for the NHS. Please help her out and take a few moments to sort you stuff.

I will be open at the cafe 10-12 this Sunday (if you can’t make it I will be opening other dates which I will announce soon) I ask that only one person to the door at a time to keep social distancing.

Please drop in your collections before 12 and don’t forget..... already sorted.

Thanks guys.
See you Sunday.
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
✨✨Hello ✨✨
ELY added extra page is now up and ready🎉.

What’s it all about??

ELY added extra is A group full of Pilates and yoga, workshops, tutorials and fun things to do.
A group full of extra classes, workshops and posture and alignment tutorial.
A group for recipes, activities, tips and kindness. Where you can share and participate. Share your favourite recipe, or a fun activity you have found during isolation. Maybe a supportive saying, phrase or affirmation.
And the best bit??
Week by week the archive of videos and posts will grow so you can scroll through and take part in as much as you want. New weekly videos and workshops or old favourites. There will be something for everyone.

Want to build core strength?
There will be some of that.
Want to get moving and build up a sweat?
There will be some of that.
Want evening relaxations and meditations?
Yep that too.

This will be a community group. inclusive for everyone who joins.

The £5 pass will run weekly Sunday-Sunday and entitles you to full access of Eat.Love.Yoga's added extras group. Videos this week are 2 Pilates 30min shorts for Arms and legs. A 1hr deep stretch restorative class and a 1.5hr hips and hamstrings workshop.

After purchasing this pass go to Facebook and request to join the group EYL added extra Pilates, Yoga and more. The link will be in your confirmation email after payment.
And every week get full access to all this page has to offer.

In a time of isolation I’m hoping this page will bring people closer together.

Book your weekly ticket through
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Kidderminster Eat.Love.Yoga
Starting the day with a super smoothie. Everything you need to give you a jump in your step. And just what I needed before my Pilates hips short video.
Soaked organic oats (available from the shop
Tahini (available form the shop)
Soya milk
Organic Maca powder (available from the shop)
Organic cinnamon (also available from the shop)
4 dates (guess what?? Available from the shop)
Maca powder has so much natural energy and is great added into smoothies and oats. It’s got a really lovely butterscotch flavour with oats. And packed full of magnesium too. How do you start your day??
#smoothies #maca


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